Ward Mountain is the large mountain looming west and just south of Hamilton Montana, in the Bitterroot Mountains. Backcountry skiing Ward Mountain offers good vertical, 5000 feet if low elevation snow is in place. Access is via the Ward Mountain trail off Roaring Lion Rd or from the Camas Creek side and to Ward's large hidden south face. There is a tremendous amount of terrain here from north facing glades and chutes to Roaring Lion Creek to moderate glades and openings near the trail and through a 1994 burn on the east face. Ward Bowl offers steep open bowls on the east aspect windloaded and protected. The south face drops to Camas Lake through steep avalanche paths as well as a number of steep chutes through beautiful granite. With a mountain this big the question is do you have the appetite?

Tuesday March 31 was a full storm day starting in the afternoon and we headed up Ward Mountain in fair weather only to be greeted by gale force winds and moderate snowfall at the summit. We cut our tour short and skied from the summit to a steep line off the 8000 shoulder down into Roaring Lion creek.