Bitterroot Mountains, Montana and Neighborhood

Lolo Peak

Sweeney Peak

St Joseph Peak/Bass Creek

St Mary's Peak

South Fork Spruce Creek

Heavenly Twins

Glen Lake/Big Creek

Gash Point

Mill Point

Blodgett Canyon

Canyon Peak/Creek

Downing Mountain

Ward Mountain

Camas Peak/North fork Lost Horse

Lost Horse Canyon

Koch Peak, S. Fk Lost Horse Creek

El Capitan and Little Rock Creek

Tin Cup Canyon

Sugarloaf Peak/Chaffin Creek

Trapper Peak/Creek

Boulder Peak/Creek

Lost Trail Pass

Lolo Pass

Mission Mountains:

Grey Wolf Peak

Sheepshead Peak

St. Mary's Peaks

Rattlesnake Mountains:

Wisherd Ridge


Beaverhead Mountains: Homer Young's Peak

Backcountry Skiing Further Afield:

Cooke City, Montana

Big Sky, Montana

West Yellowstone, Montana

Glacier Park, Montana

Beartooth Pass, Montana


Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming

Wasatch Mountains, Utah: Alta, Utah

Roger's Pass, Glacier National Park, British Columbia


Backcountry skiing and travel in the wild mountains is a potentially dangerous sport. Hazards range from trees, rocks, ice, avalanches, stream crossings, lake crossings, wind, blizzards, sunshine, cold, to snowmachines, ego, over exertion, hunters, mountain lions, bears, wolverines, wolves, and other skiers. The publisher and editor encourage all backcountry users to have sufficient skills, knowledge, and judgement in their use of the infomation in this website. Using the information herein is solely at the discretion of and is the responsibility of the user/reader and we expect all to understand the inherent risks in following any of the tour descriptions found on these pages. Different snow years will produce differing conditions, and of course different times of year and day will alter conditions as well. Most of the tours in this website are subject to skier triggered avalanches. Beware of these conditions. There may be errors in the descriptions and you may have trouble finding the exact locations described. Use good judgement and communication. Rely on yourself and your party for this judgement and also for self rescue. Know when to turn back; leave the ego for book reading and time spent with family. -eds