St. Mary's Mission Mountains-

The skiing on St. Mary's Peaks is fantastic with a multitude of aspects to choose from and a steep alpine character to much of the terrain. There also exists some moderate east and north facing terrain, but given the strenuous approach on a steep ridge without much of a trail, it is a tour for the fit BC skier. Starting from the St. Mary's Reservoir, tour/drive to the north side of dam and locate the minimalist trail toward the right heading northeast at first. Depending on conditions skis can be put on after awhile. Continue skinning up and ascend the ridge to the high country. This ridge is the most easterly of ridges descending from East St. Mary's Peak. Once into the subalpine and alpine zone, terrain features and places to ski become apparent. The first southeast bowl off the sub peak is a good start. Passed this, there are runs to the east to the base of west Grey Wolf peak. There are runs off East and West St. Mary's peak in many directions, use your creativity and caution in this steep exposed environment!