The South Fork of Spruce Creek: The approach to this tributary of the Lochsa River is from Lolo Pass or the Elk Heaven road off Lolo Creek. Follow the travel plan map to the turnoff to the south from the main forest road and ride a mile or so until the road begins to climb to the south. Park here. Follow the creek east through thick regrowth either crossing the creek to reach more open burned traveling with lots of windfall or hug the south side of the valley and try to find some open old growth traveling. Once arriving at the wilderness boundary and the first avalanche path coming from the south, the travel becomes much easier. The first avalanche path on the east side of the valley leads up to the Mt/Id border and an approach to Bass Peak and the North Fork of Kootenai Creek. Continue on to the south upvalley alternately across the toes of significant avalanche paths and through old growth forests of Spruce/ Fir. At the end of the valley is an open slope leading to an approach to a very rugged headwall. When reaching this point look over your left shoulder east and notice ascending, gladed slopes that eventually put the tourer within reach of the graggy divide after following this bench and rolls system. The final 200 vertical from here get s steep and exposed on open potentially hazardous slopes. Return is via the uptrack or drop over the divide into Montana and some incredible bowl skiing in the Kootenai Creek drainage. This is a lengthy approach and ski tour, warranting an early start and stable conditions. Expect to be out all day and if approaching Bass Peak or heading into Kootenai Bowls it will be longer still.