3-12-09 Another amazing day in the mountains, this time with a compass bearing north, we went to the Missions. Skiing in from the Ashley Lakes trailhead, our destination on this bluebird day was Sheepshead Peak directly in front of MacDonald Peak. We made good time approaching the peak again crossing fresh wolf tracks. Alternating between skinning and booting we made it to the summit and a grand view of the Mission Mountains. Making it this far seemed good news today as we managed in the fresh powder and sugar base to get the truck stuck for about an hour, I lost my camera on the skin trail somewhere and both Don and I had cut our skins on a sharp rock descending the trail into the canyon. But with the bluebird day, it was meant to be that we sat in the summit sunshine admiring the face of MacDonald and Mountaineer Peaks, the backside of St Mary’s and all the other fine summits and canyons to the south, in the heart of the range. Leap frogging each other we descended the slope in fine style and great conditions. The upper bowl and couloir was a bit hard but very manageable. We skied through the rimed choke enjoying the white on everything but the air. Below, on the vast apron lay another three thousand five hundred feet of powder skiing. It only got a bit funky at the bottom where Don managed to sprain his wrist slightly on a fall. I had continued down to look for my camera and I was digging through the old avy debris at the bottom of the choke where we had changed over to booting. No luck there but as I skied further down by the side of the uprtrack I skied up to the shiny orange Olympus sitting in the trail, right where it must have fallen out of my hip belt pocket. What a great ski day and descent this one is with a heady amount of vertical with an upper and lower crux. To have it in full sun and powder made for a sublime day. Without further incident we cruised back to the truck and made it to the valley for an alpenglow sunset on the range. Photos courtesy of Colin Chisholm and Don Lange