April 12- Today with the exceptionally beautiful weather and heat up in store we started fairly early and headed up the south fork of Lost Horse to get after Koch Peak. This tour, a suggestion from Brian Story, involved a decent 5 mile approach and a 4000 foot climb from the canyon. The peak is a magnificent headwall of steep rocks split by two ski lines, a summit thin, steep, couloir line and a gully couloir splitting the two main summit rocks. With a hanging basin obscuring the upper peak it was not until around 7000 feet that the tourer can even see the bulk of the north facing skiing there. Once there, the continual sluffing off the steep rocks to the west provided great visuals as we started the bootpack up the gully. The hiking was difficult with a windcrust to punch through and then above knees postholing. Brian had described a great circuit of skiing the peak, the gully and then heading east and out of this basin to ski the right hand of the twin gullies off a shoulder back to the creek. We mirrored his description for a fantastic tour in decent conditions. I was not going to ski this day, but had the opportunity when my younger daughter chose to go to soccer with her sister. I would have been a bit bummed to have just heard about this perfect day in the mountains with Colin and Jens on Koch and Brian up making his successful attempt on El Capitan. Thanks to my ski partners Colin and Jens and to Brian for the inspiration and information on this great tour. Thanks to my family for living with my mountain addiction, they are so supportive.