Grey Wolf Ski Movie

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Grey Wolf Peak: This fantastic ski destination north of Missoula in the Mission Mountains east of St. Ignatius and St. Mary’s Peak has a very aesthetic south couloir ski from the summit. There is plenty of skiing in the whole of the Riddell Lakes basin above Grizzly creek. Access is good if you know where to park and hike. There is a decent trail from a stealth road near the lakes campground. It is unsigned. Follow the trail for thousands of vertical, be in shape, until you reach snow line, in late spring usually around 6000’. Ski the remainder of the face and then ridge until you are faced with a bit of a gnarly traverse on a southeast face. Here either follow anothers tracks or descend 200 feet into the basin and work your way up through a steep step to the toe of the basin that holds both the Riddell Lakes. From the head of the upper lake the summit run is obvious. Getting an early start is the key to having the south facing gully in good shape. Work your way up to the rocks west of the couloir. Don crampons if necessary and climb up the couloir to the summit. Ski back down! What a rush all the way to the lake.