Gash Point:

West of Victor Montana lies Gash point, an obvious treeless bowl facing east with multiple faces and cliffs heading northwest from the southern bowl to the high point at 8880. A worthy destination for the intermediate backcountry skier as well as the advanced there are multiple options for skiing here from the east bowl to the northeast faces to the long bowl run into Sweathouse Creek. This has also been used as an approach to Sky Pilot on the MT/ID border to ski the north face. West of Victor follow forest service roads from the south to north and park at the upper trailhead if possible. Follow the trail up the north side of Gash Creek for awhile and then cross over to reach the east bowl. Follow the path of least resistance up to the last patch of trees that forms somewhat of a triangle between the east bowl and the northeast face. Ski either the east run or northeast run from here. Lookout on the northeast run for the rollover as there are cliffs in the trees to the south and rocks in the lane. If the skier continues up Gash Creek to the headwaters it is possible to summit Gash Point and ski the north bowl to Sweathouse Creek, beware the 2 mile bushwhack out to the falls. There is also an approach to Sky Pilot from the summit ridge as well off the south side on a traverse into the north fork of Bear Creek. Gash Point trailhead can be difficult to access in the winter due to deep snow conditions on a steep mountain rd, use chains and use the lower trailhead and trail if the snow conditions warrant. At least its not gated!