Reports from Fall 2007 trip to Goshute Mtn Range Nevada and Salt Lake City.

September 10th- We are at home in montana. We started the kids on homeschool last week with the rest of the district. Packing is going well we should be ready in just a few more days. Then we head to SLC for a late september departure.

September 24th- Departure day to Santiago. We are all packed, repacked and ready to go. Our trip to the Goshutes was great with decent weather, numerous hawks seen migrating, plenty of time trapping hawks in the blinds with Deneb Sandack lead trapper at the migration site at 9000 feet on the ridgetop basin and range site west of the Great Salt Lake. Cree and Kestrel were strong hikers on the 2500 foot three mile approach which we made in an hour and a half. Cree spent a good amount of time in the blind, handled the lure birds and released banded hawks. Kestrel enjoyed the slackline, imaginary creations, and monopoly, but found the blinds tedious, as they surely can be.

Yesterday Art Sandack and I made a great hike into the Upper Broads Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon for a fantastic hike. We enjoyed the trail to ourselves, fall colors and a nice view of Dromedary Peak, Twin Peaks, and Sunrise. Seven Mountain Goats browsed and climbed into the rocks above the beaver pond below. Afterwards, we planned to meet the rest of the family at Storm Mountain where Art and I set up a climb on the 5.5 Layback Crack afterwards toproping the 5.9 Crack in the Face which was really fun and right at my level. Art enjoyed the climb and did well for not climbing in a few years. It was dicey making the climb at all as a shower came through and wet the face pretty well. I was happy we perservered and made the short route after the rain abated.